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Marilla and Anne in the buggy

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Marilla on the grounds of Green Gables

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Marilla and Anne at Green Gables

Marilla Cuthbert is Anne's mother figure. She and her older brother, Matthew, thought that they were going to get a boy, and they almost returned Anne on account of that, but soon they knew that they couldn't send her back. Marilla tries to get Anne to be more sensible, meek, simple, and polite, but Marilla soon knows that that can't be done. She tells Matthew that she'll be the one to raise Anne, although she gets lots of input from Matthew along the way.

She had one beau in her life, which turned out to be Gilbert Blythe's father. Apparently they faught so much and when she was ready to forgive him he wasn't interested anymore. She spent most of her life at Green Gables looking after her father with Matthew and working on the farm. She is known for her excellent cooking and baking as well as her red current wine, which Anne accidentally mistakes for raspberry cordial when she has a tea party with Diana when Marilla goes out of town to a Ladies' Aid Society meeting. Marilla went to Mrs. Barry and tried to explain the situation to her, but Mrs. Barry wouldn't hear of it and Marilla lost her temper and called Diana Barry a "greedy child" because Diana Barry drank four or five glasses of the wine at one time.

Marilla is a very determined and stubborn woman, and tells Anne not to think of her and to think of her education, but Anne says, "Marilla, I'm sixteen years old and just as stubborn as you are" and tells Marilla that she'll be working at Avonlea Public School so she can be with Marilla and not far from her. Marilla dies sometime between the sequel and the continuing story.
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Marilla and Anne walking at Green Gables